Mission and vision

In the context of a growing population and changing demographics, climate change and greater pressure on all natural resources feeding the world will require a major transformation in the way that we produce, manage and consume food.

This implies a move to sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems that can at the same time also help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to changing environmental conditions, while providing food and nutrition security.

It means rethinking how we produce food, reducing waste and losses, and taking and agroecological approach that safeguards biodiversity and ecosystem services.

FACCE-JPI was launched by the European Council in 2010 with the goal of promoting greater cooperation and coherence in research programming across Europe to meet the societal challenges of jointly ensuring food security, adaptation to climate change impacts, and mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions.

It is an initiative of 24 participating countries that are committed to align national programmes under a common Strategic Research Agenda. FACCE-JPI strives to contribute to the strengthening of the European Research Area (ERA) by mobilising European researchers, funders and other stakeholders.

New SRA 2020 - FACCE-JPI Vision
A European Research Area addressing sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems to provide adequate and nutritious food and to contribute to a climate neutral Europe by 2050.


New SRA 2020 - FACCE-JPI Mission
Aligning and co-designing research, and delivering knowledge for addressing the challenges of sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems integrating the climate system, the food system and the ecosystem.