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Valorisation Workshops

Translation of key scientific results into possible policy and practice options or other outputs 

FACCE-JPI follows a framework for exploitation, dissemination and communication of key scientific results by translating them into possible policy and practice options or other outputs in order to improve FACCE-JPI impact and visibility.

The valorisation work aims to:

  • Build a dialogue and common understanding between policy needs and research results from funded FACCE-JPI projects
  • Identify the most urgent policy needs for which FACCE-JPI funded projects could contribute and identify projects of which results could feed into these needs
  • Build teams of researchers and stakeholders who could combine relevant policy questions with the results from different projects in order to co-construct key ideas/key-messages to be further developed as policy and/or practice brief(s)

Valorisation workshops

FACCE ERA-GAS valorisation workshop on value creation and stakeholder engagement (June 2019)

FACCE SURPLUS workshop on valorisation challenges and identifying the right stakeholder (September 2019)

FACCE SURPLUS valorisation workshop on enhancing impact (September 2021)

FACCE ERA-GAS on research and innovation for transformative change (March 2022)