FACCE SURPLUS final conference: all about bioeconomy

Published on
February 17, 2020

FACCE SURPLUS will hold its final celebratory conference on February 26th 2020 in Brussels (Belgium). The objective of this encounter is to display not only FACCE SURPLUS achievements but also the recent developments of European bioeconomy. 

The programme of the conference will include keynote speeches and a discussion panel on the European advance in bioeconomy and the role that FACCE SURPLUS has played and can still play in this field. Bioeconomy will be considered not only from the historical point of view, but also at its present moment and in the nearest future, with a special focus on the European Union position regarding this area.

The conference will correspondingly put a spotlight on FACCE SURPLUS research projects. Among other suggestions, it will regard closely at one FACCE SURPLUS first call project that has made its way into the third call: MISCOMAR. It will also give an overview of the completed FACCE SURPLUS projects together with in depth examples of research activities, hopefully in an enticing way!

The attendants will come from the FACCE SURPLUS "world" (steering committee, FACCE- JPI boards and Secretariat, and project coordinators), the European Commission and other backgrounds involved with FACCE SURPLUS and bioeconomy.

For more information visit the FACCE SURPLUS website