New Science-Policy Interface expected to start second half of 2020

Published on
December 16, 2019

FACCE-JPI is currently working on strengthening the input of science into policy advising and making. In this regard, it is intended to make use of the tremendous scientific work achieved under the Knowledge Hub MACSUR.

The FACCE-JPI Knowledge Hub MACSUR developed a high quality partnership for advancing research and sharing knowledge on climate change impacts on European agriculture. The MACSUR Science-Policy Knowledge Hub (MACSUR SciPol) is meant to be a follow-up exercise intended to put into service the expertise acquired with MACSUR to help the member countries to design strategically their responses to the climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges. This MACSUR SciPol will consist of a coordinated network of studies, each relevant at first for the involved countries, but also at broader level. This network is expected to start its work in the second half of 2020.