Monitoring and Evaluation

To monitor FACCE-JPI joint activities and evaluate the FACCE-JPI process, the Governing Board adopted a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework document at its meeting of October 21st, 2013. The framework provides guidelines for monitoring and evaluation processes and identifies the following three targets for the evaluation of FACCE-JPI:

  • Target 1 - Improve the alignment of national and European research programmes
  • Target 2 - Increase high quality transnational research activities within food security, agriculture and climate change
  • Target 3 - Improve the societal impact on the challenge of food security, agriculture and climate change

On 11 November 2020 FACCE-JPI publishes a self-evaluation report on the analysis of the progress towards alignment of national and European research programmes (Target 1) as well as the first assessment of FACCE-JPI’s scientific outputs with regard to high quality transnational research (Target 2).

The evaluation consists of an analysis of Governing Board member countries’ responses to a survey performed over the summer of 2019 and its comparison with the previous responses given in 2016, supplemented by a bibliometric analysis of scientific articles published by FACCE-JPI funded researchers as well as by additional data held by the Secretariat.

The evaluation revealed increased alignment of national and European research programmes as well as excellent scientific performance of FACCE-JPI's research activities.


FACCE Evaluation Report 2020

Monitoring and Evaluation framework paper

Survey to FACCE-JPI member countries 2019

Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MEIA) are key activities to assess the progress of FACCE-JPI’s mission to meet the societal challenges of jointly ensuring food security, adaptation to climate change impacts, and mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions. In March 2020, FACCE-JPI started its new phase of becoming self-sustainable, thereby empowering the Secretariat to join forces in the interconnected areas of MEIA, communication and valorisation of FACCE-JPI’s achievements. Although these activities can be clearly distinguished (see definition hereunder) close collaboration between members of the Secretariat have been established to collaborate in increasing FACCE-JPI’s visibility and success.


  • is the process of continuous data collection to ensure progress of action
  • is a continuous process
  • is based on indicators (and their targets)


  • is the assessement / analysis of data
  • is a process to qualify and review the collected data
  • is performed at a specific date


  • is the communication of scientific results and their value to a specific target group
  • is audience dependent (e.g. stakeholder, policy, researcher, public)
  • results / data need to be "translated" into a comprehensible form

Impact Assessment

  • analyses whether the outcomes influence a specific target group (e.g. stakeholders, policy, science or society)
  • shows the effect of outcomes
  • does the outcome result in a desired consequence?