Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda of the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) was released on December 5th 2012 and revised in November 2015. A new release was made November 2020.

The new FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda 2020 was presented at the FACCE-JPI 10 Year Event “A world in transition: Journey towards a sustainable future”, Session 2 FACCE-JPI Scientific debate – The critical role of science: Learning from the past to cope with future challenges on 27 November 2020. You can view the recordings of the presentation on the events' page.

The 2020 Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is an update from the 2016 SRA and takes into account FACCE-JPI’s past work and achievements and input from the members of FACCE-JPI as represented in the Governing Board. Member States’ national priorities that need to be highlighted were specified and integrated in the text, along with the JPI’s past and ongoing work with other European and international initiatives. It also takes into account the context of Horizon Europe with its new mission areas and partnerships.

The European Commission has set out to make Europe the frontrunner for climate and green ambitions, requiring significant investment in research and innovation, which should provide the foundation of future policy decisions. European Member States and Associated Countries need to cooperate more than ever to cope with the growing challenges and the European Research Area needs to be reinforced. FACCE-JPI is a leading Member State-driven initiative that over the last ten years has worked at the intersection of challenges linked to agriculture, food security and climate change. In the current context of continued urgent global challenges and changing political priorities, FACCE-JPI is rising to the occasion with its new and ambitious Strategic Research Agenda. Accordingly, the FACCE-JPI Scientific Advisory Board and Stakeholder Advisory Board have worked with the Governing Board to propose a new Vision and Mission and 4 new Core Themes, which are presented in an accessible document. As before, this SRA will be implemented through successive Implementation Plans.

Through the co-creation approach used to prepare this document, FACCE-JPI hopes to create a positive environment in which we can work together to tackle the enormous challenges we face in an effective and synergistic manner to achieve a positive impact on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change.

FACCE-JPI aims to reinforce infrastructures and platforms, training and capacity building in Europe and knowledge exchange. It also foresees evaluation and monitoring of its activities.

In order to demonstrate FACCE-JPI impact and increase its visibility, it is necessary to exploit and disseminate the results coming from different FACCE-JPI funded activities, as well as to propose the best ways to optimise their value and communicate them by using the most adapted tools for different target audiences. The FACCE-JPI Communication and Valorisation Strategy “Science for Policy and Impact” aims to provide a strategic framework for all joint actions and activities funded by FACCE-JPI, from its start to 2020 and beyond.