Upcoming FACCE-JPI Exploratory Workshop on Urban Agriculture

Published on
December 19, 2019

FACCE-JPI in partnership with JPI Urban Europe is organising an exploratory workshop for researchers, policymakers and stakeholders with interests and expertise in urban agriculture and adaptation to climate change. The workshop aims to understand the current landscape of urban agriculture, its impact, policy context, and potential for adaptation to climate change, in order to identify key questions and priority areas to which FACCE-JPI / JPI Urban Europe can contribute. FACCE-JPI, together with JPI Urban Europe is currently finalising the programme of the workshop. Secretariat staff from the UK (UKRI-BBSRC) and NL (WUR) are coordinating the organisation of the workshop. They have met twice virtually to discuss the scope and design of the workshop with a working group  consisting of  several FACCE-JPI Governing Board members, a JPI Urban Europe Management Board member and members of the scientific community. The workshop will be held 21 January in Wageningen, the Netherlands.