ALL-READY & AE4U Final Conference Brussels 27 September

Organised by ALL-READY & AE4U

Wed 27 September 2023

Venue European Committee of the Regions, Brussels, Belgium

ALL-Ready, the European Agroecology Living Lab and Research Infrastructure Network together with AE4U, the Agroecology for Europe Network plan a final event in Brussels on 27 September 2023

The one-day conference will shed light on how the two projects paved the way for a European Network of Living Labs and Research Infrastructures. Both projects will feature stories from the field, pilot networks, and local stakeholders. Experiences from involved Living Labs and Research Infrastructures will give practical insights. 

Through a series of panel discussions, the event will explore how Living Labs and Research Infrastructures can support the agroecology transition. How can Agroecology Living Labs and Research Infrastructures translate theory into practice? This and related questions will be at the forefront of participatory discussions to understand lessons learned from three years of project work. 

The closing session will focus on how regions can best support Living Labs and Research Infrastructures to drive the agroecology and urban transitions. The role of the Common Agriculture Policy network, local authorities, and the future European partnership “Accelerating farming systems transition: agroecology living labs and research infrastructures” will be given prime consideration. Join us to meet partners and stakeholders from all across Europe and get to know their work on the field towards the agroecology transition!

More information will follow soon. You can follow ALL-READY news on their website, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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