Agroecology Europe

Agroecology Europe is a non-profit European association, comprising 19 organisations from 10 countries, that promotes agroecology for the sustainable development of farming and food systems. The association aims to map agroecology practices in Europe, promoting and developing practices for the sustainable use of local renewable resources, local farmers’ knowledge and careful use of biodiversity to provide ecosystem services and resilience. They give priority to on-field research, holistic and participatory approaches, and transdisciplinary studies that include different knowledge systems. Some of the aims of the Agroecology Europe association include placing agroecology high on the European agenda of sustainable development of farming and food systems; fostering interactions between actors in science, practice and social movements, by facilitating knowledge sharing and action; creating an inclusive European community of professionals, practitioners and citizens engaged in agroecology. Agroecology Europe has developed a set of agroecological principles that emphasise recycling, input reduction, soil and animal heath, biodiversity, co-creation of knowledge and fairness, among others.