Euphresco network

Euphresco is a network of organisations funding and coordinating national phytosanitary research. It comprises 70 organisations from more than 50 countries. Euphresco aims to support collaborations and to become a strong and lasting network of funders. The network’s objectives are: by developing a common strategic research agenda, to coordinate transnational research programmes; to support and complement other plant health initiatives and funding programmes; and to provide scientific evidence to support national and international policy. Some of the key outputs of the Euphresco-funded research with a total budget of €1.2m include: a quick and reliable identification of the different blueberry rust fungi; improved understanding of the mechanisms of local distribution of invasive Cerambycids, using the Asian long-horned beetle; characterisation of C. capitata populations occurring worldwide; support for the process of pest risk analysis with scientific evidence to facilitate EC regulatory decisions; and the project ‘Use of barcoding from theory to practice’, which raised awareness on barcoding as a generic method for pest identification.