Securing yield stability of Brassica crops in changing climate conditions

Extreme and variable climate conditions are expected to become more frequent worldwide with projected climate change. European agriculture is facing the crucial challenge of adapting crop productivity to climate change and will need the development of crops with increased resilience to abiotic stress factors triggered by climate change. Crop yield stability is dependent on the response of key developmental and growth processes to stress conditions. Delayed or accelerated flowering time, alteration of root architecture and growth, and disruption of pod-shattering are common responses displayed by crops exposed to high temperature or drought conditions associated to climate change.

SYBRACLIM will evaluate the impact of these environmental factors on developmental and physiological processes directly influencing the yield of oilseed rape, Europe’s premium oilseed crop. We will also shed light on the genetic and molecular bases of the tolerance of different rapeseed varieties to increasing temperature and drought stress.