Exploratory Workshop on Coordinating Policies

Improving Policy Interventions to Ensure Food and Nutrition Security

National food regulations, taxation policies, environmental laws, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), dietary guidelines: all such policy interventions have a lot of intended and unintended effects on human health, the environment, climate change, and the competitiveness of European industries in different regions. FACCE-JPI and JPI Healthy Diet and Healthy Life (HDHL) are considering a joint research programme that can help improve policy interventions.

Many tradeoffs

The new programme should first evaluate the effectiveness of current policy interventions, and then come up with ideas for future ones. Because there are many tradeoffs, a holistic analysis is required. The researchers should come from different disciplines and discuss their plans and findings with stakeholders throughout the entire research cycle. They will organize an exploratory workshop to obtain input from experts and funders.