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AGROECOLOGY Partnership releases a pre-announcement for an upcoming research call on ''Fostering agroecology at farm and landscape levels"

Published on
December 6, 2023

The partnership AGROECOLOGY, currently under negotiation with European Commission, is pre-announcing an upcoming call for joint European research projects on the preliminary working topic: “Fostering agroecology at farm and landscape levels”.

Call scope

The objective of this call is to fund transdisciplinary research and innovation projects addressing the agroecology transition of both conventional and organic farming systems. Projects are expected to study and implement agroecology at two geographic scales:

Theme 1 –at the farm level and its immediate surroundings

Theme 2 –at the landscape or territorial level

Proposals should demonstrate a multidisciplinary and integrated approach with a multi-actor perspective. They should consider the problems and challenges from a European perspective and beyond. Projects may be based on existing living labs or bring together different actors following the living lab approach. Research Infrastructures could be incorporated to complement the living lab approach. R&I questions should address the actual needs of stakeholders, in co-creation processes together with end-users and integrate their practical knowledge.

Who can apply?

Researchers from universities and other higher education institutions, research institutes, actors from the public sector, non-profit organisations and private companies can apply, subject to national/regional regulations and eligibility criteria detailed in the call announcement. Applying consortia must include at least three eligible partners requesting funding from at least three different countries contributing funds to the call. Funding from participating organisations will be provided by their respective national or regional funding organisations according to their legal terms and conditions and those of the European Commission subject to successful negotiation of the AGROECOLOGY partnership.

Preliminary timeline
Call announcement
Feb 2024
Deadline pre-proposals
Apr 2024
Deadline full proposals
Sep 2024

Call office: Ulrike Ziegler,, +49 2461 61 55 66

Coordinator (Project Management Juelich, DE): Nicolas Tinois,

Please do also check the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA), v23 Feb 2023

Download the pre-announcement document