New episode of Scientific Voices on agrobiodiversity

Published on
May 29, 2024

We know that biodiversity is declining everywhere but what about biodiversity on farms? What's the future of agricultural biodiversity? Listen to the podcast on our project wheel below!

This time, we deep dive into the challenge of Agrobiodiversity with Mattias Jonson from the IMPRESS project and Ariani W. from the CLEAR project, who participated in the 2022 Joint FACCE-JPI and SusCrop ERA-Net call on Agrobiodiversity.

Together, they offer their point of view on:

  1. the importance of enhancing agrobiodiversity for resilient agroecosystems,
  2. unpacking its implications for ecological connectivity, biodiversity, and climate change mitigation,
  3. reflecting upon pressing questions surrounding the challenges and opportunities of agrobiodiversity in the European landscape, its implications on public policy, and the innovations driving sustainable agro-biodiversity management.