Policy Coherence Workshop report and recordings now available

Published on
February 15, 2024

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI), together with Healthy Diet, Healthy Life, (HDHL) organised a workshop entitled "The (im)possible coherence? – Science-Policy, Blockages and Transformation" in Brussels, on November 27th 2023.

This workshop aimed to explore the challenge of policy coherence in the transition to a sustainable and healthy Food System in Europe, from science to implementation. Food systems are, by definition, complex and interwoven, creating diverse blockages.

Despite advancements across scientific disciplines, the puzzle of achieving policy coherence in the transition of food systems persists. This workshop raised a fundamental question:

What is needed for better coherence between science and policies to transform the food system?

Amidst polarisation, this workshop aimed to define a common language, consider trade-offs intrinsic to food systems transformation, and consider ways to measure coherence, for example, through integrated, trans-disciplinary approaches and its challenges, paving the way forward with a comprehensive understanding

FACCE-JPI and HDHL express gratitude to all individuals who contributed to making this workshop a reality. Special appreciation goes to the steering committee, whose unique expertise in the fields of agriculture, food, environment, health, and policy played a crucial role in framing the scope of this workshop. Their efforts in mobilising contacts ensured a high-level discussion and the inclusion of the best possible speakers. The steering committee comprised Gianluca Brunori, Amrit Kaur Nanda, Daniel Zimmer, John Mathers, Alba Gil, and Janas Harrington

The organising committee for this workshop consisted of Jessica Doppler (HDHL Secretariat Coordinator), Heather McKhann (FACCE-JPI Secretariat Coordinator), Bernadette Conrads (HDHL Secretariat), Cristóbal Marín Rojas (FACCE-JPI Secretariat), Temiloluwa Daike (FACCE-JPI Secretariat), and Heather Alford (FACCE-JPI Secretariat).

The core content of this workshop and the reason for its success lies in our speakers, who generously provided key insights from their areas of expertise. We extend our sincere thanks to them, as without their contributions, this event would not have been possible:
Giuseppina Luvara Luvarà, DG RTD
José Valls, FAO
Rebeca Fernández Fernández Fernández, FoodDrinkEurope
Florian Kern, IÖW
Jacqueline Broerse, FIT4FOOD2030
louis georges soler, INRAE

Recordings on our Youtube Channel

Report with case-studies, lectures and more