Belmont Forum


The Belmont Forum is a partnership of funding organizations, international science councils and regional consortia committed to the advancement of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science that provides knowledge for understanding, mitigating and adapting to global environmental change. FACCE-JPI and the Belmont Forum collaborate at programmatic level.

Key activities

  • FACCE-JPI/ Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action on Food Security and Land Use Change (FACCE-JPI Implementation Plan 2014-15)

  • FACCE-JPI-Belmont Forum End-Term Meeting for the Collaborative Research Action on Food Security and Land Use Change (8 December 2010, Washington D.C.)

  • Discussion on possible collaboration during the Belmont Forum/ ANR Food Security and Safety Workshop (10 November 2017)

  • Proposed FACCE-JPI-Belmont Forum- Leap Agri ERA-NET on Food Systems and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI Implementation Plan 2018-20)