The Impossible Coherence? Science-Policy Blockages and Transformation

Published on
November 20, 2023

Calling all policymakers involved in the transformation of European food systems!

We invite you to join us in Brussels on 27 November 2023 for a stimulating and enlightening event on the challenge(s) of policy coherence in the transition towards a more sustainable and healthy food system.

The aim of the event is to bring together policymakers and researchers who work in the science-policy interface to address a fundamental question: What are the prerequisites for enhancing coherence between science and policies to transform the European food system successfully?

By joining you will have the chance to reflect on the factors contributing to incoherence in the science-policy dialogue, seek common ground across diverse disciplines, and consider innovative approaches to overcome obstacles. The programme will include key-notes from Giuseppina Luvara, José Valls, Florian Kern, and Jacqueline Broerse, as well as case studies from Rebeca Fernández and louis georges soler. We believe that your insights and expertise will greatly enrich the discussions!

You can pre-register for the workshop by filling out this form: