Implementation Plan

Since 2010, FACCE-JPI has been building a portfolio of research actions to address the five core themes in its Strategic Research Agenda and which have been set out in successive Implementation Plans (2014-20152016-2018, 2018-2020). These actions include:

  • 6 ERA-Net Cofunds
  • 1 joint call between 3 ERA-Nets
  • 1 European Joint Programme Cofund
  • 2 Knowledge Hubs
  • 1 Knowledge Network
  • 1 Thematic Annual Programming action
  • 1 Interaction with another network
  • 4 exploratory workshops aimed at identifying the type of work FACCE-JPI could undertake on a specific topic in the future
  • 2 cross-cutting valorisation activities aimed at better communicating and disseminating FACCE-JPI scientific results to national/EU policy makers and other stakeholders

The actions are at different stages of discussion and development. Most joint actions have already been discussed in dedicated Working Groups and/or undergone some scoping work with SAB/StAB and expert involvement. Other actions, such as exploratory workshops, are one-off events that aim to provide insight into future research needs. In order to exploit research outcomes and to optimise their value and impact on the global societal challenge eventually feeding into policy and evidence-based decision making FACCE-JPI has developed a Communication and Valorisation Strategy "Science for Policy and Impact".

In each case, actions aim to fulfil the objectives set out in the FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda and to interact and cooperate, as appropriate, with existing FACCE-JPI, EU and international actions.